Crowdfund statistics

"A dwarf is small even if he stands on a mountain;
a colossus keeps his height, even if he stands in a well."
-- Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Our crowdfund was a success!

We managed to exceed our initial target by far, and that without the help of any venture
capitalist funding! Only the power of the crowd. We are thankful for all the support you
have given us, and are now working hard to build the Internet of Coins.

Amount of HYBRID issued: 900,000+

Distribution of the tokens will take place after July 1st, and we are working hard to launch this
multi-chain token technology to an exchange. Trading of HYBRID will first be segmented, until the
technology to fuse the individual units together has been implemented. Please trade with caution!


Here follow our statistics for how the crowdfund took place over time. Below there are charts showing
the cumulative amount, individual amounts invested during the campaign, an overview of percentages of
assets used for donations, and the relative velocity of donations charted as circles
on top of the cumulative amounts line.

cumulative amount           amounts received over time

     percentages of donated assets           velocity of donations


The pie chart below gives an overview of how collected funds will be allocated in the project.
In short, as crowdfund proceedings grow, we intend to scale up more in development and community bounties.