Early Token Holders

"When the wind of change blows, some build walls while others build windmills."
-- English saying

Receiving your tokens

As the Internet of Coins wallet is released in the course of 2018, everyone will be able to use and manage their tokens with a user-friendly app on our network.
Distribution of the tokens will then commence and we will contact everyone that participated in our crowdfund.

If you want to receive your HYBRID tokens to hold or trade them before the Internet of Coins wallet is ready (what we call an 'early holder'), you will need to create wallets on 7 blockchains. This requires some effort, and we cannot provide technical support for these wallets. If you have experience with cryptocurrency this should be easy for you. If you are a beginner, we advise you to wait until we release our first wallet for Internet of Coins supporting HYBRID tokens.

Blockchains used

We have chosen the systems and wallets that are relatively easy to use for those who have some experience with cryptocurrency. Omni, Ethereum, Bitshares, Counterparty and Waves are easy to use in the browser. For NXT we are hosting a secure node on TOR that you can access using the TOR browser (enable Javascript). This makes it possible for people to create their own address without having to install NXT. The systems NEM and Waves have light wallets that are quick and easy to install and use.

Links to wallets

Below are the links you can use to create the wallets without having to install them on your local system.



(use nano wallet for ease of use)



(TOR hosted by Internet of Coins, as there are no publicly secure HTTPS wallets available,
please visit the link using TOR browser with Javascript enabled)

(get the light wallet or app for ease of use)

Please make backups of all your data!
This is the decentralized world.
Nobody can help you if you lose your keys.
We do NOT advise to use centralized exchange wallets like Bittrex.

The official beta wallet is scheduled to be brought out in 2018. This wallet will support HYBRID tokens and is much easier to use and maintain than 7 wallets.

After making addresses

When you have made 7 addresses using the blockchain systems above, please send them to us by e-mail to: distribution@internetofcoins.org

Please copy and include the following in your message.

TXID: {transaction ID's you used}
Omni: {public address key}
Ethereum: {public address key}
NEM: {account address}
Bitshares: {BTS alias}
Counterparty: {public address key}
NXT: {account address}
Waves: {public address key}


Omni address usually starts with 1 followed by 34 base64 characters
Ethereum address starts with 0x followed by 40 hexadecimal characters
NEM address starts with N followed by 40 alphanumeric capital characters
Bitshares alias is an alphanumeric alias you can see in your wallet, for example ours is 'internet-of-coins'
Counterparty address starts with 1 followed by 34 base64 characters
NXT address starts with NXT followed by 17 alphanumeric capital characters
Waves address starts with 3P followed by 34 base64 characters